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The Rise of E-Commerce

  • By Software Devs
  • May 19, 2022
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The Rise of eCommerce


Electronic commerce is abbreviated as eCommerce.  It is the act of purchasing and selling goods and services over the internet.  People can buy or sell whatever they want, anytime they want, thanks to eCommerce, prior to the arrival of eCommerce, the most common type of commerce required at least one physical location.  Buying and selling items necessitate an active and physical interaction between the buyer and the seller, which still happens but is being rapidly displaced by eCommerce.

Approximately 22% of the world’s population now shops online.  The current rise of eCommerce has also been aided by the Covid-19 epidemic.  We’ll learn about the growth of eCommerce as we go along.

Increase in Use of Mobile Devices

The expansion of eCommerce has been aided by the increased use of mobile devices throughout the world.  Thanks to mobile devices, people buy and sell more flexibly and passively on the internet.

Financial technology firms are also altering payment processes, making them safer and easier to use.  These payment mechanisms are used by eCommerce enterprises and are being integrated into mobile applications. Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and Walmart are the most popular eCommerce companies in the world.


E-Commerce organizations that follow the Business to Consumer model keep track of customer preferences and make interesting discoveries.  These findings are then incorporated into retail models for future use, guaranteeing that worldwide eCommerce sales skyrocket.

Enhanced Consumer Experiences

Consumers are constantly looking for low-cost or discounted items.  Customer engagement is more influenced by personalization.

Low Cost

Another key aspect contributing to eCommerce’s rise is the cheap cost of doing business online. Additionally, eCommerce stores are available via the Internet from anywhere around the globe.

Managing an Online Store

A software system that allows businesses to create and operate online shops is known as an eCommerce platform.  Any consumer or business-facing proposition connected to the marketing of items and services is referred to as a storefront.  These platforms give businesses everything they need to sell online, on social media, or in person.

E-commerce Platform Advantages

  • Using a single platform to sell items to everyone, everywhere – online with your eCommerce shop, online marketplaces, and social media, and in-person with point of sale – when you run an eCommerce store using an eCommerce platform.
  • Make use of built-in marketing tools to help you plan, execute, and analyze Facebook and Google campaigns.
  • Manage orders, shipping, and payments from anywhere with a single dashboard. Use the information offered to expand your business.


The eCommerce sector is rapidly growing as the Internet becomes more accessible in many parts of the world.  Traditional retail firms are increasingly moving to the online world.  Consumer experiences in eCommerce retailers have improved noticeably.  Consumers like online shopping because of its increased Internet accessibility, the convenience of the transaction, an abundance of items and tailored offers, and the lack of the limits of physical presence and contact.

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